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Nuovi paesaggi? about landscape transformations



Nuovi paesaggi? about landscape transformations

Nuovi paesaggi?

about landscape transformations 

Transformation is intrinsic in the essence of the landscape. The transformation dynamics have always been dependent on the complex and unstable relationships between the environmental, economic, political, social and cultural conditions of territories.

The European Landscape Convention, signed in Florence on 20 October 2000 by the member States of the Council of Europe, establishes in the definitions of article 6 concerning specific awareness-raising measures: «Each party undertakes to increase awareness among the civil society, private organisations and public authorities of the value of landscapes, their role and changes to them».

Landscapes have always alternated and transformed, but to what extent is it possible to manage transformations without losing their constitutive identity? Can we talk about new landscapes, or are they transition states towards forms of degradation and simplification without conscious objectives and development strategies? Who are the real actors of the transformations of contemporary European landscapes?

Despite good intentions, the distance between those who are responsible for the governance of landscape’s transformations and those who make them real in everyday life often appears unbridgeable. In a society increasingly disrupted by strong individualism and alienating forms of virtual communication and socialization, are we really aware and interested in what is happening around us?

With the presentation "Nuovi paesaggi?", landscape designer Gianluca Tramutola will explore some issues related to the Italian landscapes of the Region Apulia in dramatic inexorable transformation due to the death of olive trees, caused by the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa. Landscape architect Hanneke Kijne will refer to some cases of Dutch landscapes, showing a different approach to landscape transformations: the creation of new landscapes.

The online presentation, in English, is organized with the projection of photographs by the Italian Cultural Institute of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.



Online presentation

date: March 19th 2021 - time: 19:30 – 21:00

Free admission with online booking – the link to access the presentation will be sent in the next days.

Information about the lecturers :

Hanneke Kijne
Landscape architect
Head of the Landscape Architecture Department – Amsterdam Academy of Architecture

Gianluca Tramutola
Landscape designer
Guest teacher - Amsterdam Academy of Architecture



Welcome greetings and introduction:

Paola Cordone, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Amsterdam


19.45pm - 20.15pm
Nuovi paesaggi?
Gianluca Tramutola, landscape architect and agronomist, guest teacher at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture

20:25 - 20:45
New Dutch landscapes
Hanneke Kijne, landscape architect and Director of the Landscape Architecture Department of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture

20:45-21: 00
Debate and Conclusions

2021 nuovi paesaggi cartolina inglese




nuovi paesaggi con data 2021 s







Datum: vr 19 mrt 2021

Tijdstip: Om 19:30

Georganiseerd door : Istituto Italiano di Cultura Amsterdam

Toegang : Vrij


Istituto Italiano di Cultura per i Paesi Bassi - Keizersgracht 564 - Amsterdam