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Choral Composition Competition: Puccinitogether with the Supreme Poet | Puccininsieme a Il Sommo Poeta (DEADLINE: April 11, 2021)


Choral Composition Competition: Puccinitogether with the Supreme Poet | Puccininsieme a Il Sommo Poeta (DEADLINE: April 11, 2021)

The Sociatà Giacomo Puccini APS Grosseto (The Organising Choral Society), artistic director Maestro Walter Marzilli, invites applications for the Choral Competition “Puccininsieme a Il Sommo Poeta”, for the year 2021.

A. Who may participate, characteristics of compositions and of the texts:

The composers, of any Nationality and Residence, must submit compositions:
1) never performed, submitted or selected in any other competition;

2) based upon a text, not translated into any other language, that rigorously reflects a work of Dante Alighieri with citation of the text as published by the Società Dantesca Italiana (;

3) neither longer than 5 minutes nor shorter than 3 minutes;

The compositions:
4) must consistently promote the text, contributing to it's intelligibility: this is the overriding criterion for judgement by the jury who will consider this essential to the wider dissemination of Dante Alighieri's works; this is the primary objective of the competition;

5) must be conceived for performance by an amateur choir;

6) the original text by Dante may be partially modified or paraphrased, but changes will be subject to evaluation by the jury.

B. The Competition Categories

7) The Competition invites two categories of composition:

CATEGORY A - for mixed choirs and of 4 to 8 parts, unaccompanied or accompanied by pianoforte or/organ;
CATEGORY B – for mixed choirs and of up to 4 parts, unaccompanied.

C. The Participation Process

8) To apply participants must send to The Organising Choral Society, before the closing date of 11 April 2021, using the email address , a dedicated email including the following attachments:
•the attached Competition Participation Form completed in full and signed where indicated with the declaration of personal identity fully completed under section 1 (in the case of non-conformity or false declaration the application will be rejected from the Competition and all rights to prizes and recognition will be lost).
•Proof of payment of the subscription fee of 20 euro (non refundable). The payment should be made by bank transfer in favour of IBAN : IT 59 Q 01030 14307 0000001631742 – SWIFT/BIC CODE: PASCITM1W83 (a/c name Società Corale Giaccomo Puccini, MPS Grosseto Branch) or alternatively by BancaPosta/Post Office transfer to c/c 12479580 in the same name of The Organising Choral Society (IBAN Conto Banca Posta: IT 48Y 07601 14300 0000124 79580);
•the Release Document fully completed and signed;

9) In order to ensure uniformity of presentation and guarantee anonymity, compositions should not be manuscripts
and should be in A4 portrait layout. The original Dante text should be attached to every composition as well as any
partially modified text used in the composition, if applicable. The expected duration of the piece should be

10) A pseudonym must be added to every submitted entry score in order that the author/composer remains
anonymous; this name will be added to the Competition Master Schedule of entries accessible only by the members
of the Competition Secretariat until the completion of judgement. This pseudonym will also be added and linked to
the entry fee in the Competition Master Schedule of participators. The names of the members of the Competition
Secretariat will be clearly published on The Organising Choral Society's web site

D. Prizes

11) A prize of value 500 euro will be available for each category i.e. a contribution to the winning author, and in the
case of a tie, the prize will be divided between the winners. At the absolute discretion (final and incontestable) of
The Jury a prize may be withheld and not assigned. The winning composition in each category, together with any
nominated compositions will be published in digital and/or paper form by The Società Corale Giaccomo Puccini
(The Organising Choral Society).

E. The Jury

12) The submitted compositions will be judged by an expert Jury made up not less than 5 members, each of whom
will be a professional with specific and recognised qualification in the International music and artistic world. The
decisions of the Jury will be final and indisputable.

The Jury will be supported by an expert in Dante Alighieri's works who will be selected by the association “La
Maremma per Dante”. This expert will express a non-binding opinion to The Jury on any text that has been
modified by a participating composer.

The names of the members of The Jury together with that of the nominated expert on the texts above will be
published on the internet site of The Organising Choral Society (;

13) The results of the Competition will be announced by 31 May 2021.

F. Rights

14) The Organising Choral Society, without owing anything to the participants, reserves the right to film, record,
transmit in total or in part, over the internet or by radio stations and/or television, as well as live, the final stage of
the Competition.

The winning compositions will be performed on stage during the final concert of the project “ La Maremma per
Dante 2021” and also during the final concert of The Organising Choral Society. For these performances full
release will have been given by the participants as part of the participation process (section C above).
The compositions that are submitted are, and will remain the property of the composers whose full intellectual
property rights are hereby explicitly recognised.

The Organising Choral Society reserves the right to perform the premier of the winning and nominated compositions during their concert in the Theatre at Grosseto that will take place in November 2021 with the right to
publish, also discografically the winning compositions and those nominated by the Jury. Any proceeds from this
potential publication, after deducting the author's rights, the costs of publication and of the Competition will be
distributed to appropriate Organisations and Associations selected at the absolute discretion of The Organising
Choral Society.

The Organising Choral Society also reserves the right to share in another medium, also without physical support
but in every case with full respect for the reference regulations, and with the previously expressed consent of the
individual composers, to perform the same compositions with effect from the moment of the act of subscription,
while respecting the rights of the author/composer.

G. Legal

15) Participation in the Competition will carry the acceptance of the following condition:
The organising Choral Society specifically reserves the right, in the case of default under any section of the
Competition rules, to exclude the defaulting participant or participants from the Competition at any time;

16) For matters not expressly included in this Call for Participants, the provisions of the Civil Code and special
laws applying in this case will apply;

In the case of dispute, the jurisdiction of Grosseto will apply exclusively.